1st Hohenloher blowgun tournament from Blasrohrschiessen.de

1. Hohenloher Blasrohrturnier from Blasrohrschiessen.de

Online tournament / registration and result reporting via the forum

Discipline: blowgun – target / distance 5 meters


Blowgun – target shooting

Date (report result):

February 1st, 2021 until February 21th, 2021


Online tournament. You shoot at home and report the result via the forum

Entry fee / registration and results reporting:

No entry fee. But registration here in the forum necessary.
Result must be written in the forum post by Feb 21, 2021 23:59. Youths/children do not have to register in the forum and can be entered by an authorized adult.
Result registration under:

Entry stating the name, class (youth or adult) and the achieved score and number of 7s.


Allowed are blowpipes up to a length (= arrow leading length) of 160cm. The weight of the blowpipe is freely selectable. The maximum permissible arrow diameter of the tip is 5mm. No attachments are allowed on the blowpipe that can serve as an aiming aid.

The participants will be divided into the following classes:

  • Youth (as of 01.02.2021 under 15 years)
  • Adults (as of 01.02.2021 over 15 years)


5 meters


60 darts (12 rounds, 5 darts each)

Blowgun disc here attached for download (LINK). Please hang in landscape format (DIN A4 format)!

If an arrow violates the dividing line between two scoring areas, the higher score is scored.

Publication / Conditions of Participation:

By registering and submitting a result to the tournament, you agree that your name may be published in a list of winners on the website blasrohrschiessen.de.

If you send us additional pictures or publish them in the result article, then you agree to a publication on our website. This applies to all persons pictured.


Scorecard english (PDF)

Target / Please hang in landscape format (DIN A4 format)!